Detox Water

So I’m sure we all have developed some horrible eating habits!

Mine has been an urge to indulge in sweets, knowing damn well too many result in a teenage acne breakout. Not only that I’ve also began drinking one too many Crown apple cocktails! So I did a little research because I knew for a fact I needed a really good cleanse of some sort. So I came across a few Pinterest boards dedicated to organic cleanses. When it comes to my skin and even cleansing my body I lean more into the Organic aspect of things due to extremely sensitive skin, and nothing is better than the natural components of the earth. So I’ve began my Detox water journey, Sounds Refreshing Right!! We’ll the detox that I chose for this week doesn’t taste the best but I’ve noticed some significant results, I use the detox in unison with my daily skincare regimen which I will share in next week Self Care Sunday post. So try this detox if you’re looking for a good healthy cleanse.



**This Detox consisted of Lemons, Cucumber, Mint, and Alkaline water. You can add strawberries if you like for added sweetness. This detox is a great substitute for soda and other sugary drinks. Cucumbers contain phytoestrogens and digestive enzymes that benefit the stomach, as well as a cooling food which is great to use on those hot summer days. The cucumber lemon mixture also provides antioxidants that are essential for body function, and lemons boost digestion and has alkalizing and detoxifying properties (Sarin, 2019).  Alkaline water helps neutralize the acid levels within the body, and also aids in the aging process, and regulate the Ph level which prevent chronic diseases.

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