Quarantine Playlist

So we’re all stuck inside for a while and by now you’re probably running out of things to do with you spare time. However now would be the perfect time to ramble through Apple Music and catch wind of some brand new Music Artist.

I get really tired of mainstream music and find myself choosing random playlist that peak my interest, sometimes I even find myself listening to playlist with just instrumentals, especially if its a relaxing and stimulate my creative juices. Here are 5 of my current favorite artist.

  1. Maher Cissoko: Yes you’re probably like you really listen to this?? and my answer would be Why Not?? Maher is an award winning native to South Senegal. His music is not only breath taking but if you sit back and close your eyes you can picture being taken away to the beautiful lands of Africa, or even somewhere tropical of your choice. This is my go to when I just need to clear my head, or even to brainstorm Podcast and Blog post. So don’t knock his music until you’ve tried it. Look at it as a form of musical meditation.IMG_9CC1C857D1E8-1
  2. Khalid: Now who doesn’t know who Khalid is? He’s an up and coming artist in the airwaves from El Paso, TX. You may also know him for his hits “Location” and “Talk”. His 2019 album “Free Spirit” was my absolute fave and stayed on repeat so much that my 3yr old can recite majority of the album. The latest tune “Know Your Worth” is currently one of my go to records when I’m whipping up dinner or cleaning. Its definitely this years summertime vibe.IMG_D54BA5AAB18E-1
  3. Alina Baraz: My best friend actually put me on to this artist and one day I was actually listening to a playlist on Apple which she was on. I’ve pretty much been a fan ever sense. There are two songs In particular on her “It Was Divine” album that I play in the car on really nice days, which to me are more of a nice cruising tune “To Me” and “More Than Enough”. So give it a listen.IMG_68A910F8FAB0-1
  4. Dvsn: This too was another duo that I discovered on a Apple playlist. I actually though the lead singer on the song “A Muse” was Trey Songs, the voices are so similar. However after doing some little music researched I learned it was actually a duo. Dvsn are a Canadian R&B group signed to OVO YES!!! Drake’s label. Drizzy out here getting that bag scooping up all the talent. Their “A Muse In Her Feelings” album is a must listen.IMG_3016
  5. And lastly this isn’t just one artist its numorous so don’t judge me……I’ve learned of a great deal of African Artist from just being open minded over the past year and given it all a listen, but I came across one of my favorite Apple playlist “Afro-Soul Mix” which is composed of 100 songs by yes you guessed it African artist. Y’all know how I LOVEEEEE my afro beats and African Artist. If you didn’t know now you know, so be sure to check this list out.IMG_30DCB25D1A7A-1

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