Love In Isolation

Ooooo Chile!! We are most definitely living in uncertain times here in the United States. Every state within the U.S. has been placed under a major disaster declaration by the Federal government, and some are even now under stay at home orders. Many would see this time as a great way to somewhat relax away from the office, or even a way to simply get more things done around the house or even pickup some new DIY projects. Little do we know that there are couples out there MARRIED ones to be exact that are currently re-evaluating why they got married in the first place.


I kept wondering why my Therapist continued to ask over and over how was my marriage at home right now, even my physician asked how we were doing which I found strangely Odd. But eventually I received my answer as to why they were asking. Couples are really beginning to file for separation due to the burdens of the Corona-Virus SILLY RIGHT? well I can’t tell someone how to feel in their marriages but how can a pandemic of this magnitude force couples into separation??? if anything it should bring you closer to all loved ones.

In most cases many married couples work opposite schedules and are never home during much of the day. However the current circumstances makes avoiding your spouse significantly impossible. Have you noticed that your significant other has very annoying habits that you typically wouldn’t pay attention to any other time? Have you noticed the difference in how you and your spouse discipline your children?, or have you noticed how really lazy your spouse can be? well these are many of the things couples are faced with, and due to the immense amount anxiety couples are dealing with things can seem a lot worse than they really are. Is it actually possible to survive these unprecedented circumstances? My husband and I have been together for years, and we work just about the same schedule everyday. This time for us has sorta became more of a bonding time due to the fact that when we’re on a normal work schedule it seems that there aren’t many hours in the day to truly spend with one another. So time is kinda precious to us, or maybe we actually like one another…… idk, but whatever the case may be Corona don’t stop no show and the Christian’s are better than ever.


Relationships and marriage can be challenging, but during the current circumstances it has given me a small glimpse of what it could possibly look like to not have my significant other here. There are couples who’ve contracted the virus and died hour apart, and there are some who have or will become widows. I’ll take my husbands playful behavior, annoying habits and even his lazy spells over having to say my last good-byes any day. So if you find yourself second guessing the future of your relationship due to this minor hiccup in Mother Nature, just remember those who would do anything to have their significant other with them just a while longer.


Stay Home, Wash Your Hands, and Prevent the Spread……..

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