3 Ways to Cope with Grief

Omg!! what an emotional week it’s been. The world is in mourning of the loss of an NBA icon a man who has helped shape the game of basketball and has become a significant role model for the youth. We’re not only mourning the loss of him, but we’re also mourning the loss of his beautiful 13-year old daughter Gigi and 7 other innocent people.


On Sunday January 26th news spread like wildfire that Kobe Bryant and 7 others had perished due to a high impact helicopter crash on a hillside in the Calabasas area of California. TMZ were the first to report the news however everyone believed it to be false, maybe the site was hacked, maybe this was one of those random celebrity death rumors that spread from time to time. However, reality set in when other outlets such as The New York post, LA Times and CNN validated the credibility of the story. The entire country if not the world was at a standstill. Social media began to be flooded with news articles, and even made up rumors of what took place, however despite of the outpouring of information being shared everyone was in a complete state of shock.


Though celebrities are human just as anyone else, and we have lost many Icons due to unforeseen circumstances, this one hits differently. I felt extremely overwhelmed in Grief and found myself searching and reading through many news articles hoping this was all just a sick joke. I’m in no way shape form or fashion a sports fan however it doesn’t mean that doesn’t allow me to sympathize. I took the entire week to unplug from Facebook due to the wide range of post spreading false information, pictures and memories of those lost. It became way too much to comprehend. Though I’m sure Vanessa Bryant and her 3 girls are struggling the most trying to understand WHY!! We must be sure to pray for her and the families of all victims involved. We must learn that although we may not know Kobe personally that we’re all allowed to feel sadness, and pain regarding his sudden passing. Showing compassion is what’s needed for all victims and their families.

Learning to cope with Greif can be a tough pill to swallow, however though we tend to not think about it, death doesn’t discriminate. We must be prepared for the inevitable and find ways to deal with the loss of loved ones, and those we idolize. Here are 3 ways to cope with Grief…….

  1. Unplug from social media- Pulling yourself from social media allows you to decompress, eliminate negativity, and focus on your grief. The death of Kobe Bryant and the other 8 passengers became too much to deal with and many needed to unplug for a while because of the large amount of content being shared. When your loved ones pass social media is normally where others will extend their condolences, and sometimes that can be a bit overwhelming when attempting to cope with personal grief.
  2. Talk- Sitting cooped I your room crying your eyes out alone is a way to grieve but it isn’t the most effective, I find it helpful to reach out to one person who can listen to you, allowing you to vent your pain with those who really matter in your life for comfort.
  3. Process- Take some time out to process the loss…We spend so much time trying to uncover the whys and not weighing out the fact that maybe the person who has past has severed their earthy purpose, maybe their one job given to them by the higher power was fulfilled and it is now time for our loved ones to advance to the next level in their spiritual form. Things happen for a reason beyond our own understanding.

Life begins and life also has an expiration, though we want to be prepared for the inevitable it’s impossible to do so. The only thing we can do is learn to cope in a healthy manor, and heal the best we can.


Sleep in Peace

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Gianna Bryant

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