Couple Vision Board Night

Vision Boards have become a great new way in recent years of creating the perfect outline for the upcoming year. Whether that’s to travel more, purchase a new home, or even set relationship goals this is a way to begin to organize your yearly vision! Typically vision boards are done among friends. Everyone comes over, pop that bottle of Stella Rose, throw on some Ari Lennox and begin a night of girl or man bonding, and good memories. However I felt That I wanted to do something a little different this year. My husband and I have had a fairly decent 2019, we’ve had bumps as does any other married couple however this was our chance for quality time, and share what we both want to see come to fruition in 2020. Starting the year off with my husband was ideal not only because it’s optimal time to relax and and get our creative juices flowing, but it was our start to laying the foundation for 2020. Though I won’t spill all the beans on what the many images on our boards symbolize I will say that we shared similarities in what we wanted, and most were really self explanatory. Despite who or where you choose to conduct your own vision board night make it fun, meaningful, and don’t be afraid to be as creative as you want. The Object of it all is to plan your course of action towards a very successful New Year! 

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