A Letter to my supporters……

Affirming notions almost serves as a form of a diary for me. It’s a way that I’m able to express my feelings, my thoughts, and give my personal testimony on the many things that I have endured in my own personal situations. I’m working in efforts to give other women like me the comfort in knowing that though many women are afraid to say it, we all had our tough times in our careers, finances, and even intimate lives. No one is perfect and it takes years of trial and error to truly find yourself, learn what you will and wont tolerate in your life, and build the women that you are destined to become in life. Those tough situation provide you the tough skin to deal with the world, it builds character, and it is a vital piece in defining who you are. So don’t allow society to ridicule you for not making choices in regards to your life to fit their ideal image of what they believe are suppose to take place in life. Your truth is the foundation of you, it instills your good and bad qualities yet in still they are the foundations that define who you are.

That career you’re struggling in is only a stepping stone to better opportunities.

That failed marriage or relationship is making way for that man or woman of your absolute dreams

Those bouts of financial insufficiency is making way for your break through in financial freedom.

And that business that doesn’t seem to be getting off to a great start is only trial and error, eventually you will create that formula that will give you that anticipated breakthrough.

I absolutely hate the fact that social media and personal opinions are tearing women down, it’s discouraging them, and creating negative vibes all around them. We have to learn to step back, review all those things that are going wrong in our lives, and use it to our absolute advantage.

You’re beautiful

You’re strong

You’re more than enough

You’re smart

You’re optimistic

And you are a women of so many qualities that none of the above can prevent you for obtaining the goals and aspirations you have set in life……….

With immense Love


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