What’s on your bucket list

VACATION!!! I most definitely need one of those right now, however when you’re a working parent of 3 taking those as often as you’d like seems impossible. Despite what your situation is as to why you may not be able to take that well needed Vacay right away we all have dream bucket list of places we’d love to visit one day. I can say one destination on my bucket list is currently in the works for 2020. But that’s a later blog post so stay tuned. Any who the point of today’s topic is to list my top 5 bucket list destinations that hopefully I’ll soon be able to travel to in the near future.

Cartagena is filled with vibrant colors, crystal clear waters, Colombian dishes, and a mix of Caribbean and Spanish heritage. This destination is located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, and is home to people of both Spanish and Afro-Columbian decent. While visiting Columbia be sure to visit some of these top tourist attractions.

1. Volcan de lodo El Totumo: This volcanic mud pit is rich in minerals such as sulfur, Magnesium, and Zinc. The exfoliating properties help to remove dead skin and impurities. So if your down for a natural way to cleanse your skin be sure to pay this spot a visit.

2. Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas: a magnificent fortress located in the city of Cartagena. Built in 1536 this landmark served as a military installation and ultimately became a very popular area for travelers photo ops.

Although west and South Africa are on my bucket list, you can’t visit the motherland and not be sure to pay Egypt and the city of Alexandria a visit. Known as one of the 7 wonders of the world here you will get the chance to walk in the footsteps of Egyptian royalty, as well as visit some amazing museums such as the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

The secluded islands known as the Maldives are extremely breath taking. Highly recommended destination for any romantic getaway. Here you are sure to get some quality alone time with your significant other as well as a great deal of pure relaxation. This vacation spot is also known for their luxurious villas perched above clear blue water. So if you’re planning a romantic retreat for you and ya boo thang this is most definitely the go to.

Carnival, Beaches, Nightlife Rio De Janeiro is a necessary stop for any bucket list. Visit the Tijuca Rainforest which is home to wonderful waterfalls, mountain peaks and a wide variety of animals. Brazil’s natural qualities will leave you breathless.

Last but not least Rome Italy home to fashion, the Catholic Church, Italian dishes, and famous works of art. The cities variety of breathtaking Romanesque, and gothic style buildings are appealing to the eyes and make for great backdrops for those insta travel photos.

These are only a few places from my list, and I can’t wait to share the destination I will be visiting next year. So while we’re on the topic “What’s on your bucket list?”

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