Dynamics Of Submission

I must say what I have today for you all is something the good Lord is teaching me to do!!! SUBMISSION……No I’m not talking about that move wrestlers do, I’m talking about the ability to submit to your significant other. I myself can be extremely outspoken, and demanding. I hate being told what to do, and I’m more so the one to give the orders rather than take them. So basically it takes a real man to deal with what comes in this small package. However from time to time I can say that I love when my husband speaks up and puts his foot down. Relationships including a strong marriage require both individuals to submit to one another or it simply wont work. There’s more to this topic such as the spiritual aspect but I myself don’t consider myself very spiritual though I’m a work in progress. However I’ve taken the time out to look at submission from a lower level. Often times we get caught in wanting to be the HNIC and forget that a relationship is a partnership, and requires both to receive equal amounts of respect and gratitude.There was a quote I heard recently in regards to submission it said “without the neck the head wont move”. This quote simply means it requires both the head and neck to operate to its full potential, and in order for a relationship/marriage to run it takes both the man and woman to work as one. When women hear “submission” the first thing we say is “oh hell no not I, nobody is telling me what to do, I’m my own woman” but in reality submission doesn’t mean dictatorship. It means men are to simply serve their roles as man of the house, however as women we’re to be sure the man has the substantial support he needs to successfully run it. This also means in the event something is to happen to that man, that he is also prepping that women to be able to survive on her own, keep things afloat, and run that same household as he would in his absence. Now I’m definitely pro woman however I know first hand of what its like to carry the load on your only simply because I thought I could get things done better than my husband could, but in reality allowing him to be the man and taking some of the load is how I can clear my own plate. If your like me submission doesn’t seem ideal but this is what comes with sustaining a successful relationship, or marriage. Though society has its own views on how submission should be conducted in a relationship its ultimately up to the two involved to discuss the matter and create their own terms. My husband and I have recently had this conversation and it is and will continue to be a learning process for us both. So do what is necessary for you, and no matter what continue to give one another the upmost respect.

In closing I would like for you all to also listen to a video created by Fantasia and her husband In regards to what it means to submit to one another. They definitely dropped some gems.

6 thoughts on “Dynamics Of Submission

  1. Great post! I’m currently learning how to be the copilot and let him be the pilot. It’s a little difficult at times because I’m so use to running the show.


  2. Thanks for weighing in on this. I think the word “submission” has been tainted from hundreds of years of use by people who believed that women were property. I think the explanation given about the responsibility of a leader to have mastered whatever it is that they want someone to follow them in is key. I’m happy to learn from anyone who has good intentions and has proven that they have mastered what it is they are trying to show me. Thanks for sharing!


  3. A lot of people got submission ALL wrong. Yes, submission means what it means, but submission in the Bible is different from that definition. The Bible said for wives to submit to husbands the way the church submits to God. That is totally different from the definition in the dictionary. UGH! I usually just say if you aren’t a Christian, then that type of life isn’t for you. Great post!


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