Dealing With Anxiety

“Anxiety-A nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks.”

Most people deal with this on a day to day bases and aren’t even aware. I myself have dealt with this significantly over the past few months. This year has been extremely hectic, from starting a new career to graduation, and now beginning my master program. It seems to be a never ending ordeal. But let me fill you in on a little back story of when it all hit the roof for me. In marchI began a new job working for the Family Dollar Corporate Office. In the beginning the job seemed like a piece of cake until I truly learned what it all consisted of. The desk that i currently manage is ALWAYS extremely heavy, there isn’t really much down time, and simply learning the job was a headache in itself. Most days it felt if the light bulb came on during training, and other days all i could think was “WTF WAS I THINKING FOR TAKING THIS POSITION”. When the time came for me to fully take full control of the desk things got worse. I no longer had a trainer, and due to the company consolidation my entire team was brand new. I was the only Seasonal McLane Allocation Analyst for the entire country for Family Dollar and the thought of that sparked my anxiety. There were days i would go home after work to a glass of wine and even worst shots of Crown Apple just to calm my nerves. I continuously checked work emails on my phone to be sure I didn’t forget to take care of something the day before, or if my buyers had issues with things being shipped on time. I even began taking work home on weekends just to catch up. I was drained and EXTREMELY tired, overwhelmed, and even slightly depressed. Being a mother, wife, and student is a job in itself, and now I was adding burdens of my job to my plate. I suffered from severed migraines, exhaustion, moodiness, and it felt as if I was beginning to fail at everything I was attempting to do. There was a dark cloud hovering over me until one day I had enough, and began to step away from the many things contributing to my Anxiety, as well as implementing things to help me cope when dealing with my episodes.

1. Schedule one day out of the week for yourself to decompress from the week. I have given myself Saturdays of doing whatever I want to do. Most times I spend it with my mom shopping, or going out to eat. Whatever day you choose be sure its a day strictly for you to enjoy.

2. LEAVE WORK AT WORK, if you are dealing with job related things like I do simply leave it where it is, trust me that job will be there, and if you are stricken with illness due to your lack of sustaining your mental health your job wont be there to get you through that ordeal.

3. Indulge in therapeutic activities. I myself find crafting, listening to podcast, and music over a cup of herbal tea to be the most therapeutic for me.

4. Jot it down! Writing down how you’re feeling and elaborating on how these things are affecting you allows you to strategize on ways to overcome your anxiety. Sometimes putting your thoughts down on paper is a way of venting.

5. BREATH!!!…..Stress is a silent killer, your health means so much more than those things you are consistently worried about. So breath! Trust me things will all work out for the best.

You aren’t alone there are many who deal with anxiety, some can manage and others require other alternatives to cope with it. However its better to be aware of it, than to ignore it and make matter worst for both your physical and mental health. It’s ok to step back when necessary, It’s ok to need a break from your children, or spouse, its ok to require a day to yourself. You aren’t Wonder Woman, your human, and maintaining your mental is extremely important to be the best you can be in whatever you do.

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