1619 Commemoration

Well yes it’s been a while. I have to say consistency is key but I can also admit when I’ve fallen victim to my own procrastination. But despite all my personal issues, I had to post about the very historical event I attended in August.

 Some of you may know I’m a Virginia Native specifically the hampton roads area which is home to some of the most monumental events in history. I’d like to say that’s a pretty big deal, as well as being home to some top locally raised entertainers but that’s another post! 
Fort Monroe formally known as Old Point comfort is recognized today as a retired military installation, however this historical site which is also apart of many national park service landmarks also has a different story to tell. 
On August 25th 1619 the first ship carrying enslaved Africans to English occupied North America landed at Old Point comfort which like I said before is today’s Fort Monroe located in Hampton Virginia. These 20 African natives would be occupied by a Spanish vessel known as Sao Joao Bautista from an English privateer ship the White Lion during the transatlantic slave trade. The landing of these captured  documented Africans would forever be marked in U.S. history. 
The 400th commemoration of their landing was recognized on Aug 24, 2019, the event was filled with historical reenactors, venders from all over the hampton roads area, most of which catered to African culture and heritage, many local museums guest speakers included CNN political contributor Van Jones. Though this event reveals the many lives lost at sea, as well as those who work against their will to contribute to the founding of what we now call the Unites States of America, it was however an enlightening festival. It made me proud to know that those who once walked the piers of Old Port Comfort did what was necessary to survive, and as the saying says “only the strong survive”. I am the offspring of those who endured the middle passage and overcame slavery, and I intend on making them proud. If you didn’t get the chance to partake in the event please be sure to check out the Time magazine article 1619 on Apple podcast. This gave the back story on what lead up to the brining of the first slaves in 1619 and beyond. We’ve come a long way from the events of 1619 and we have a ways to go, however Anthony, Isabella two of the first documented slaves in Virginia helped pave the way for us all. 

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