Something In the Water Music Festival

Hey ladies long time!…….But I’m here, and today I have some info on a festival that is not only new but has definitely in my opinion set a new standard for modern concert festivals. Most of you know I’m from Virginia (Hampton Roads to be exact) which is home to some pretty prominent athletes, and entertainers, one of which is Rapper, and producer Pharrell Williams (as well as constructor of this event). The turnout was absolutely amazing and the positive energy resonated both online and on the beach. Pharrell and his team constructed a major star studded lineup, entertainment catered to a variety of genres of music for all to enjoy. Most artist who performed are also Hampton Roads/Virginia Natives, Missy Elliot, Timberland, Teddy Riley, NERD, Chris Brown, and Trey Songs. Along side some of our favs Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, and a very surprise appearance from the Jigga man himself Jay Z. The festival not only consisted of musical talents but also included fun activities for all to enjoy, Trap Karaoke, Basketball Tournaments, even an Adidas creative park allowing you to create your own fashionable pair of slides. Local restaurants such as my fave Feather n Fin were some of the many vendors, as well as great venders who provided refreshing cocktails (for a fee of course). Pharrell pulled off such a large and successful event that its way too much to jam into one blog posting. All I can say you better be there in 2020 or be square. This event takes place in the month of April during college beach week here in Virginia Beach, VA. General admission ranges from $150-$300, and VIP Ranges from $400-$500. The 2020 date has yet to be set however I urge you to keep your eye on the updates to follow now that word has gotten out all over the U.S. and beyond. Most importantly I also advise you look into getting hotel accommodations in place as well being that parking can be a headache in the Oceanfront resort area. So yeah this was definitely a highlight event of the year for VA, and Skate Board P has officially placed us on the map yet AGAIN!! for years to come.

(I Do Not Own The Rights To this Video)

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