Ipsy Subscription..

Well Hello!, So yes it’s been a while since I’ve made a post. It’s been hectic with my transition into my new career. I’m traveling to Charlotte weekly and my weekends consist of spending time with my boys and catching up with task that I normally would do during the week. So it’s safe enough to say I’m extremely exhausted. However I can’t continue to abandon my craft…….

So today I have a beauty post for you being that I’ve only done one. I’m still adjusting to covering all areas so bare with me. I have used the Ipsy subscription for about 4-5 months and I absolutely enjoy the variety of samples I receive however I think I have found two of my most favorite items since joining. One of those items being the Farmacy green clean melt away makeup balm. My skin is extremely sensitive, it seems as if everything causes a breakout, but I absolutely love wearing my makeup. However I needed something to clean my face after wearing it daily. I’ve tried a variety of face wipes and everything either dries my skin out or irritates my skin causing a breakout the next day. However this particular product has been amazing. The rich balm melts away all traces of makeup (even waterproof!), leaving your skin fresh and smooth. It naturally and gently exfoliates with papain (a natural enzyme found in papaya) without irritating or drying out your skin. So if you love natural products you’ll love this one. You can find this product at Sephora, Amazon and other Beauty Retailers for about $22.00. So it’s definitely worth a try if you have extremely sensitive skin. The second item is actually a very lovely fragrance called Colors Nanette by Nanette Lepore. I love fragrances however we have to be honest everything doesn’t smell very pleasant. This particular fragrance has a very light yet pleasing smell, and last all day, unlike most. This fresh, floral fragrance is made by fashion designer and runway darling NANETTE LEPORE. With fresh notes of rose, jasmine, freesia, and lily, it’s a great scent to take you from cold winter months into spring. I wasn’t really sure about it upon opening it, however I must say this is definitely my go to. I’ve only been able to track down the gift set for this item which will cost $95.00 at Macy’s. However if I’m able to locate the bottle alone I’ll definitely keep you ladies up to date. So be sure to head to your local retailers and give these items a try, and even subscribe to Ipsy it’s definitely worth it.

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