Wait! What Year Is It Again??

Hey Ladies its me again, and this week I have something a slight different. I normally would stick to my niche and talk about some way to better yourself, remain positive, an boss up this year, however the climate in this country the past few weeks has been extremely exuasting and needs to be discussed…….

If you dont know I’m from Norfolk, Virginia, a city (nothing major) below the Mason Dixon line (yes i said it the “Mason Dixon Line). We are considered to be a southern state and waaaaaayyyy back when there was a time this little state of mine was considered to be one of the most racist states in the south. Crazy thing is I honestly dont believe things have changed much. If you tune into CNN, and other news outlets Frequently I’m sure you’re aware of the absolute B.S. our governor has been accused or should I say did back in 1980…..”oh you dont know?” Ok well let me fill you in. Governor Ralph Northam attended EVMS (Eastern Virginia Medical School). Well just as every educational institution they have a school year book where students post childhood, and oftentimes wacky photos. Well among the photos from a 1980’s EVMS yearbook was a photo of the Virginia Governor in blackface standing next to another individual dressed as a klansman. Why you ask?? Hell if I know because the last time I check the 1980’s weren’t an era known for extreme racial tension, and I’m almost positive people were very much aware of what blackface meant.

BUT WAIT THERES MORE!!!!!!! Very prominent Fashion houses Gucci, and Burberry are also In major hot water. Gucci is responsible for creating a sweater which also resembled blackface when pulled over the lower half of the face, as well as Burberry who created a hoodie which contained a drawstring that resembled a noose.

However these very ignorant occurrences didn’t just stop here it continued with an elementary school teacher who thought it was a great idea to allow her class to create blackface mask and use them in a school program. My question to my Caucasian counterparts is how hard is it to think with some sort of logic before you speak, or act. For example I’ve actually had a co-worker assume my husband wasn’t the father of my children her words ” wow I didn’t know your husband was the father of your boys”. I literally stood in disbelief!! Not all Black households are broken, and not all black women have a slew of baby daddies all over creation. African Americans are consistently faced with a variety of stereotypes, racial bias, and among other issues solely based on our skin pigment. I want to believe that we aren’t living in a time where race is a consistent issue however it is. Until all are able to remove these racial blinders nothing will change. We must be able to become more aware of those issues, and be able to discuss them as adults. I want to also believe we can teach those about the struggles of living in our skin, however I also believe history alone can give the needed lesson. There are countless amounts of historical proof of how slavery, all the way to the Jim Crow era has significantly hindered the African American community. Now their question should be how do we right those many wrongs? Until then more representation is needed across the board. We need more individuals from the black community sitting at the tables when important decisions are being made, when fashion designs roll out, as well as when running for political office. I had a close friend tell me maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to judge the Virginia governor of his past actions, because people change. That statement is very true however there is a difference between changing and owning up to what you’ve done and denying those allegations in fear of your political reputation. So take more accountability, in every decision you do in life…………

“To move the world, we must first move ourselves”- Socrates

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