4 Keywords to use to set the course for 2019!

So the New Year has come and gone, and everyone is in the process of commencing to those New Resolutions. Yeah i know so cliche right? Although there is nothing wrong with setting a New Year goal for yourself, it can be quite difficult to do so when life is hitting you with all sorts of twist and turns. One thing I live for are positive affirmations. If you follow me on either social media platforms you would notice that i tend to post them frequently. I told myself that instead of setting a resolution i would set a few positive keywords to guide me on my path of growth and success.

Consistency– Remain consistent in all that you do for the New Year. Like I’ve said before I became so inconsistent with my blog not because I just refuse to work on it, but because I had a plate that overflowed with so many other task. It became extremely difficult to maintain consistency. In life we all slack off from time to time, but in order to get that booming business or build a following you have to muster up a crazy hustle and work ethic.

Self– No that doesn’t mean think about only yourself all year, however take more time to do things that make you happy. Whether thats traveling more, a few hours out with great friends, and finding outlets to eliminate stress. These are the many things that result in a total break down of anyones moral, simply by not taking enough time out for self. I can say these are things I went through in 2018 and I’ve vowed to make necessary time for myself from now on.

Network– Its definitely about who you know when you are trying to become well established in the industry of creativity, or business owning. Be more open to getting to know others outside your normal social circle. Place yourself around individuals you know that can help you reach the heights you desire to reach. I’ve learned this over the last few months, and though I love my home girls I do think its necessary to establish professional relationships as well.

Push– Push yourself no matter what is taking place in your life. “Push Through the Discomfort and reach for the goal” at the end of the day you have one focus and thats to continue to grow and develop into the best you.

I didn’t say this year was going to be easy, and I didn’t say these keywords will create changes overnight, however these 4 are all the motivation necessary to assist you in keeping your momentum this year. Remember God is always working things out for you even when you feel otherwise.

5 thoughts on “4 Keywords to use to set the course for 2019!

  1. These are great keywords. And the most important factor about these words is that they can pertain to every day life styles or any goals that anyone would want to accomplish this year.


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