The Year in Closing

So it’s that time AGAIN!

It seems as if 2018 came and gone and took my edges with it. Not literally people, what I mean is this year has been a ride. We came into 2018 with so many plans to accomplish so much by years end however all of those plans my not have happened. The bright side is you made it another year unlike most, though you didn’t get that job, start that business, travel as many places as you’d hope you would, it’s ok believe me. There is always next year, and the things you’ve learned in 2018 can set the course for the new year to come.

My year wasn’t what I’d hoped, I spent most of the year stressed out honestly speaking. And I spent half the year catering to everyone but myself. It took me turning 30 to finally wake up and realize enough was enough. Though that was a last minute change half way through the year it was a necessary one. I didn’t get any of the many jobs I applied for however the offers I did receive gave me hope for the year to come. My marriage went through a rocky patch however after praying to God for a better situation things took a turn for both my husband and I for the best! I started my blog Bougie Black Girl Chronicles and though I wasn’t able to stay as consistent as I should have I’m still here!!! The one thing I can say is that with the year coming to a end I did complete the one thing that has taken me years to finally finish and become satisfied with. I have officially completed my Bachelors degree in Homeland Security. This is a major accomplishment for me being the very first in my family to do so, all while working full-time, being a mother and wife full-time, and all on 4-6hrs of sleep everyday. Yes my year didn’t sound like much fun right I spent most of my year living a basic life, however in all my basic honesty I can say I’m still very appreciative of those things that did occur this year. They contributed to my growth, and as I said before has set the course for the new year to come. NO I won’t go into the new year with a resolution because it’s absolutely no need for that. Instead I want to reinvent what I already have. I want to build a stronger more solid marriage with my husband, I want to travel more, I want to make more time for self care, I want to build Bougie Black Girl chronicles into everything I could ever dream of, and I want to use this education and obtain the career I’ve always wanted. Why go into the new year changing a bunch of things you have no intention on sticking by right? Instead create a 2.0 version of yourself, redefine those great qualities and situations you already have. Make them better and boss up in 2019 PERIODT!!! There is always more good in your life than you realize, you just have to learn to stop focusing on the negative and have tunnel vision for the positive. So let’s do this ladies, it’s our year!!!

Happy New Year

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