I’ve spent the longest trying to search for my happiness high and low. I thought I could find it in my marriage, however the constant struggles of marital life failed to reveal true happiness. I’ve searched for it in friends however the constant let down of friendships have also failed to reveal true happiness. I ultimately had to search in another place which we most often fail to look. We fail to find happiness in ourselves. I have got to the point where making everyone happy isn’t my focus, I’m over bending backwards for those who fail to reciprocate, and I’m over attempting to change those who aren’t capable of changing. Happiness is when you can wake up and have a true reason to smile, happiness is knowing that you have real reliable individuals in your corner who are rooting for you, happiness is knowing you have a stable personal life with the one you love. When those things give way you lose sight of what true happiness is. Over the past few months I have eliminated negative beings from my life, and I’ll continue to do so especially if their intentions aren’t good. It’s time we show those who have wronged us that their failures to keep their end of the bargain will never alter our happiness, it’s time we prove to ourselves that we can in fact be happy individuals even during struggle, or consistent let down. I have a reason to smile, and though that reason isn’t what I’d always hoped it would be I’m fine knowing that everyday I wake up I have something to look forward to, something that will brighten my day when I feel as if I can’t go on. This is the moment where we do for ourselves, we make ourselves happy. Stop expecting flawed humans to create our sense of happiness. When we are the only true navigators to pure contentment.

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