Timing Your Life

We all come into the real world fresh out of high school believing that we have it all figured out. Most of us chose the option of joining the military or college, however those like me go undecided and spend most of their 20s, trying to figure out this thing called life. Though it seems we have forever to get it together time is very limited. We see most of our peers go on to live their best lives and next thing you know your knocking on the door of the infamous 30s. Who sets the rules on when things are to be accomplished in life? Is there a rule book I missed growing up or something? Yes it’s ideal to have it all done in your early 20s however most of the time people need reassurance that the path they chose is the path they are meant to take. Let’s take my story for a perfect example. I graduated high school with the plan of going to college and I did however at that time school wasn’t for me and to be honest I had the wrong crowed around me period. I went through 2 other schools/ two degree programs before I found my true calling, and here I am finishing college at 30, and blogging. It’s was a long stressful road but despite of the choices I chose to make I found my motivation. Sometimes in life you must dance to your own tune, because at the end of the day you must Iive with the choices you make. people can scream until they’re blue in the face about what you should or shouldn’t have done but it will always be your choice. ”Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still”. In other words stop believing that because you didn’t choose the paths others did that you can’t be successful. The Universe doesn’t want you fail, or will place road blocks infront of you that can’t be moved. So smile and continue on your train to success full speed ahead!

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