Open Letter

Some communities stick together and help one another in their time of need, and others are torn apart by financial burdens, violence, and loss of hope. Though this is something many communities are struck by, its never too late to do your part for creating a better tomorrow. I never saw myself years back wanting to do this, or even caring about the wellbeing of others to be completely honest. It took a turn of events that took place (which I will discuss later) to ignite this fire I have to help others. This weekend I had the opportunity to host my very own backpack drive. It felt truly amazing to give to those who can’t afford, and to simply see a smile on a child’s face. I didn’t have this huge turn out that I would have expected however the fact of the matter is I was able to take the first step to creating change for many. I was raised in a middle class working family so I personally wouldn’t know how it feels to go without, however I can imagine. I’m currently working on creating a nonprofit organization for the local area of the Southside community in Norfolk Va, and this drive was the leap of faith I have been wanting to take for a while now. I challenge everyone to do the same. Get out and help the community, become an advocate for hope, and be that beacon of hope for a better tomorrow.


A Bougie Black Girl…

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