Journey to Finding Closure…

So life as I know it has been and I guess will be chaotic until my commencement ceremony so no need to get into how things have been. However a few great things have happened and one of those things being me finding closure in a past situation. I won’t get into all the juicy details but just know I’m now in a better space.

We go through so much in our lives, and go through many situations where we find ourselves not able to move on from. Whether those things are relationships, friendships, or business partners gone wrong. We always want an explanation as to why these things happened. In my past I’ve had relationships of course however only two have remained significant in some way in my life. One was definitely a high school first love, the other was a long back and forward somewhat toxic relationship. However due to the length of these relationships and the history it became difficult to to move forward from. After the break ups it always seems like just hearing those names would cause me to completely melt. I became so infatuated with all the what if’s that I refused to let go. The only way I could close those chapters was to receive some type of closure from them both, and that I did. My last relationship was so hostile, one minute we were like boys and the next we were at each other throats. He was in the navy and was stationed elsewhere while I remained in Virginia, yet we tried our best to keep something going. I have to say I’m not the golden child in this story because I was petty Labelle I wanted to make him feel every ounce of what I was feeling which was pure hurt, and disrespect, so in other words it ended horribly. Eventually I found a way to just let that relationship go and move on, however I wanted to know why. I received my answer, he was pretty straight forward and even though I normally wouldn’t apologize for my own actions I did. We ultimately hashed things out and I can say are able to have a civilized convo as adults. Crazy right! We hadn’t spoken in so many years and then BOOM!!! he finds me on Twitter. I honestly think this was a sign from God. I’m learning to forgive and forget, and I’m growing into a more understanding individual. You can’t live forever with hate and disgust in your heart. It hinders you from receiving the many blessings God has in store for you. This is why it is extremely important to find a common ground with those you have done wrong or have done you wrong in your past. It’s doesn’t mean you have to be the best of friends but releasing those bad vibes is what allows personal growth. I’m not perfect and there are many things I must work on in order to better myself, however I can say the two things I’ve always felt were hindering me have been resolved. Personal growth should be apart of everyone’s mission. As many would say “Let Go, and Let God”, so let that hurt go sis!!!!

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