Blogger Inspiration’s

So I never really explained in detail as to what sparked my interest in blogging (I’ll save that for another day). However I can say this journey has been a very enjoying one, and sorta therapeutic. Although there are many reason as to why I began creating my own blog and brand, I also had some inspiration along the way. Here I will list some of my absolute favorite bloggers/influencers. So please be sure to check these ladies out and subscribe, I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

1. Bobo Matjila/@thisfashionfiend_

Bobo is not only absolutely gorgeous, but I love her style and personality. I find myself fully tuned into her YouTube channel almost daily, just to see the great content that she comes up with. Bobo does her own photography (yes this picture above was taken by her) and she teaches her subscribers how they too can learn to use natural lighting, camera settings, even down to the studio setup, and colorful backgrounds she uses. She actually inspired me to go out and purchase my very own studio setup, and camera. I’m still getting use to all of the camera settings however I’m a work in progress. Oh and her hairstyles are always so amazing as well. She has become my favorite vlogger/blogger/influencer thus far.

2. Folake Huntoon/@stylepantry

You wouldn’t believe that she’s a 41 year old wife, and mother right? This queen right here has been my favorite fashion blogger for as long as I can remember. Her chic, classy style will have you scrolling her pages for hours. I’ve had the chance to re-create some of her looks myself and currently working on my first fall lookbook being that we are already mid spring/summer. Her fashion blog StylePantry not only allows you to visually see the looks she presents but she also list where the many pieces she wears comes from, so that you too can purchase. This blog will bring out that inner fashionista in anyone.

3. Monique Williams/@franklyfrankiee

Here’s an island Gal (Born in Jamaica & raised in the British Virgin Islands), that has beauty, brains and style. This travel blogger gives her subscribers a deeper look into the island life, and all the natural beauty it has to offer. Her adventures will make any person book a trip sooner than later, and her list of many things to do are ideal for any travelers itinerary.

4.Shirley B. Eniang/@shirleybeniang

So me and Shirley go way back (nah I’m just kidding). However this is where my love for YouTube began. Shirley’s journey began on YouTube, with her love for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She resides in London, and her sense of fashion definitely reflects that. I don’t know how long exactly I have followed her but I feel as if she’s definitely my spirit animal. I love me some Shirley B Hunni!

5. Dr. Kayra Merrill’s/@kayramerrills

And last but not least this highly educated beauty here is not only very qualified in regards to her education, but she’s qualified in style as well. I recently started following her and have grown to love her. The thing I love the most about following fellow bloggers who have a following but aren’t mainstream is that I can see first hand the growth that takes place. Her blog is absolutely amazing and I view it daily sorta as a way to gain more inspiration for myself, and my blog. Her content is so well put together, and keeps you going back for more.

All of these ladies are not only strong black gorgeous women, but they are absolutely amazing bloggers/influencers. Please be sure to check out their instagram accounts, and don’t forget to Like, share and subscribe to their blogs.

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