Re-Learning To Love Yourself

It’s not uncommon to be insecure, or feel yourself falling into a deep state of depression after a baby, or in general. You smile on the outside yet many are unaware of the many things you fight inside. Anyone can tell you it will be ok, noooooo your beautiful, or question why you are opting to change something about yourself. However you don’t truly heal unless you figure out how to overcome those insecurities. I’m a mother 3x’s and after the birth of my second born I began to lose myself. I didn’t tell friends, and I never told my now husband about those things either. People would tell me how beautiful I was but there were things I felt that I needed to change. When you become a mother your body goes through changes, your breast aren’t as full and perky as they were prior to getting pregnant, and in my case you wished all that weight you had gained stayed around. After the birth of my youngest born I thought about having my breast done. Nothing too outrageous just something that fit my body. I contemplated about this for a long time, and conducted so much research about the surgery on YouTube you would have thought that was all I ever watched. Until one day I had the chance to sit alone and think about all of the cons involved. Did I really want to have foreign objects placed into my body?, was I ready to undergo major surgery just to have fake breast put in that will eventually be useless when I reach old age? What are the long term effects of this surgery?, and why did I really want this?. I realized that I too began idolizing the false bodies being advertised on social media. Don’t get me wrong those women are very beautiful but if god intended for us all to have big breast and fat asses he would have given that to us right? The Bible says “you are altogether beautiful my love, there is no flaw in you” (Song of Solomon 4:7). God see’s no flaw in us, so why should we feel the opposite? We were all created to look, and be different, therefore it’s time we not allow social media influence us to think otherwise. I once believed that I needed to change who I was physically to be beautiful.? I recently did an amazing photoshoot that allowed me to not only breakout of my shell of being so extremely modest, but it allowed me to build additional confidence that I lacked about my body. So I will be flaunting my thong bikini on my vacation this year and who gone check me! On a more serious note ladies make time for yourself, love your bodies, and don’t allow societies unrealistic views affect how you feel about yourself. Look at it this way if we don’t love ourselves we are definitely incapable of loving someone else. Let’s practice more self love, and uplifting others who fight daily with this issue.

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