It’s Never too late!

So Spring semester is now over and I’ve now entered into summer semester. My countdown for graduation 18/19 has commenced and life is soon going to feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. This journey has been a long trying one I must say but it’s all worth it and has been apart of my growth as a Black women. Though I’m vastly approaching the dirty thirties i have never allowed my age or how long I’ve been on this journey deter me from getting what I know I deserve for myself. Upon completing high school I had many intentions on going back to school and I did, however things threw me off that path (Guys, and having a good time). Though all of my peers didn’t attend college those that did went on to having great careers at a young age. It wasn’t until I reached the age of 27 when I had a personal wake up call. I realized that in order to get where I needed to be I needed to strive to do more, and I needed to have more to offer. So I enrolled myself into college for the final time. This time I can now say I will obtain my Bachelors degree in Fall 2018 and will officially walk across the Liberty University stage In May 2019. It has been extremely difficult especially when your a mother and working a full time job among other things. However I have the will to do so much more. I want to be able to take my story and tell it to women who’ve gone through much similar situations and guide them into the direction they desire to be in. I want to be the one who breaks this stigma that successful women can’t coexist amongst one another. I dream to establish an organization which thrives to empower women from all walks of life to be creative, build businesses and make amazing moves that nobody thought they could do. Society for some reason can’t accept the fact that not all things have a set timeframe. Who said you can’t go back to school years later after high school?? Who said you can’t join the military in your mid to late twenties? Stop allowing individuals keep you from doing those things you desire to do and most importantly stay POSITIVE while you do it. You are your best cheerleader for success. I’ve learned that in order for you to be all that you desire to be you must motivate yourself, surround yourself with positive people, and maintain a positive mindset. These are the things that create strong, successful Melanated Queens.

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