Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the time of the year where we give thanks for those awesome mothers in our lives. However though today is the one day we use to symbolize how much we truly love and value everything they have done and continue to do for us, lets not fail to realize that everyday is in fact mothers day. My mother Sherry is seriously a force of nature, she not only has the magnificent role of being my mother but her grandmother abilities are impeccable as well. Though we all may feel her wrath from time to time, she really means well. She’s strong, independent, and a truly wonderful person to know. Growing up I watched my mother raise 3 girls with different personalities, though very similar to hers in MANY ways. She worked, and even though she always had my dad in the picture she had her OWN. The one thing my mother always tells my sisters and I is to simply have our own, no matter what, and that has really stuck with me.  She’s amazing and I wouldn’t trade this woman for the world. She processes all of the motherly qualities, and has molded me into becoming the best mother I can be to my boys.



Bougie Black Girl Chronicles



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