STRESS can be the worst thing to go through especially when you are trying to accomplish so much at once. Let’s take my stressful life for instance, I have the lovely role of being a Wife, and Mother, all while working FULL-TIME, being a student FULL-TIME, and soon to be taking on another PART-TIME job as well (I have moves I’m trying to make in 2018). So therefore, I find myself not knowing how to simply unwind, or even how to find an outlet to take my mind off the future for that matter. I constantly find myself under a great deal of stress only since I aspire to do so much in so little time, or maybe I just need to take it day by day. However, my brain tells me otherwise, it’s a constant battle in this head of mine. We all constantly feel as if our jobs never really end especially when you’re a woman with so many other responsibilities. We feel the need to stay on the go, we need things to keep us occupied, and we want nothing more than to be great at whatever we do. This all can take a serious toll on our health in the end. I have the Blood Pressure of a 60-year-old lady it seems, however I can’t stop, if I don’t take care of the house, kids, make sure dinner is going, keeping finances in line, and maintaining school work I’m all out of whack. I say all of that to say this no matter how much we have on our plate we must make time for ourselves. I’m currently looking into meditation just to see if it will relieve all this added stress I hold every single day, to the point where I sometimes feel I’m in this alone. No matter how I feel my goals keep me in motion for some reason, I have a period where I’m down, but I figure out a way to build myself back up. LADIES YOU ARENT ALONE!! God intended women to be these very well-rounded beings, we’re nurturers, we’re go getters, we even provide (that’s no longer just a male’s role). I feel that we take on more stress than a man could ever imagine but that’s just my opinion they shall think otherwise. Even in this crazy, chaotic life of mine, I’m still figuring out ways to manage it all. Stress Management, Time Management, and the management of yourself is everything. If you ever feel as if things are getting out of control try and step back, take a breather, and regroup, things will fall into place. Maybe not when you want them to but when God allows. Until Next Time My Beautiful Black Goddesses!!

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