No Tears, Just Remembrance

Life as always has been extremely hectic, but now I can sit down and create another blog post your you ladies. This past weekend I had the very lovely opportunity of attending the 2nd Annual Angel Ball. For those of you who are unaware of what the angel ball is let me give you a little background information.
Childbirth is a very beautiful experience to have as a woman. However sometimes it can have a tragic ending. Stillbirth, Miscarriage, and infertility can be a women’s worst nightmare, I myself have had my experience with miscarriage. You wonder if it was all your fault, you wonder why god would give you the ability to carry a beautiful child just to strip them from you, and no matter how many times your loved ones tell you it will be ok it feels as if its no way you will ever move past it. Kennedys Angel Gowns must be one of the best nonprofit organizations I have ever laid eyes on in the Hampton roads area in a very long time. The founder whom is a strong daring black women Heather Wilson took her experience and turned it into what would be a blessing to others going through similar situations. Her mission is to help heal and give back to those bereaved families struggling with infant loss. These families not only have to endure the pain of losing a child, but they are also forced to find garments to bury their children into. Mrs. Wilson Came up with the idea to collect wedding gowns that would then be turned into smaller garments suitable for such a tiny beautiful human being. The gowns are collected and later disassembled at monthly sew-ins held at a local church and transformed into garments that are used for burial. Kennedy angel Gown’s has not only given families a piece of mind by presenting them with the proper burial attire, but they also have given families more time to grieve their loss. Mrs. Wilsons organization is responsible for raising the funds in efforts to purchase Cuddle Cots, which are cooling devices used to help preserve infants for up to 5 days after birth. This gives families the gift of time with their loved ones, something they will be able to cherish forever. Though 5 days isn’t enough, it is something that many families are extremely grateful for. The 2nd Annuel Angel ball was held this past Saturday, I had the chance to not only donate a sentimental piece from my wedding day to give to so many more during their hard time, but I had the chance to hear so many stories at this event. It wasn’t just a time to mourn. But a time to remember, and a time to create memories with so many others who have gone through this same ordeal. The event was beautiful, and I shed a few tears in the process as well. There was musical guest, two of which were very beautiful young ladies whom were Contestants from NBC’s the voice Marissaann, and Alessandra Guerico. Among many other wonderful guests. This event will be something I look forward to every year, and that has my 100% support always. If you are someone who has had experience with infant loss just know that you aren’t alone, the best healing is simply to talk about it. This organization is a beacon of hope, and their charitable cause has changed, and will continue to change so many lives.

***If you are, or knows someone dealing with infant loss please contact Kennedys Angel Gowns Via Facebook or Instagram. They can also be reach on their website

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