I can’t believe y’all still together!!!

Nine years is a very long time to be with someone right? like literally spending all of your 20’s with one person, and ultimately marrying. On the outside looking in it seems to be a fairy tale love story, but just like any story there is always a turn of events that arise. My love story doesn’t begin as boy meets girl in a coffee shop, and they arrange a romantic date days later. Mines begins in 2009 with a night of t-pain by you a drank and twerking. yes, I said it twerking!! Since that night we’ve been going strong, but don’t let this story fool you. just like any relationship it comes with giving blood sweat and tears. You must grow together, learn to get to know one another, and keep that same flame burning. People tend to get into relationships and become content with what their relationship or marriage has become, and I can honestly say that I have also been that person. We have had our ups and down, and I do mean DOWN’s, but we’ve managed to figure out ways to not only better ourselves for the sake of our marriage but to work as a unit to keep our union as strong as ever. Marriage isn’t as easy as people think, its truly a commitment between two people, some would even refer to it as a business arrangement between two individuals. However, my belief on what marriage is all about are very different. I believe that sustaining a strong marriage means going into it with the mind frame to work things out for better or for worse. Many of our grandparents stayed married for many decades, but I hope you don’t believe that they didn’t go through average martial issues all those years. Most of marriages that take place in this generation sub come to divorce. They don’t possess the same values our grandparents maintained throughout their marital years. Morals have become none existent on both the male and female behalf. Millennials idolize celebrity relationships instead of establishing their own relationship goals and idolize their own commitments to one another. We’re in an era where black love has become more so a trend, and not something we absolutely believe in. A strong relationship or marriage is more than taking a trip together, it’s more than Instagram photos, it’s more than rocking the same latest kicks, or the latest designer outfits. If you don’t connect to one another on a mature level, then what do you have? I’ll tell you what you have, you have an image, and everything that glitters isn’t gold. So, break that cycle, become your own outline for black love/ relationship goals. Build an empire with one another that not only speaks volumes in public but also behind closed doors. Until Next time my beautiful Black Goddesses.

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