Leone’s Italian Restaurant

Dish: (Fettuccine e Lobster Fra’Diavolo)

Leone’s Italian Restaurant is small yet very pleasing to the eye. The abeyance upon entry of the establishment gives you a feel of pure chicness. Conveniently located on Granby street in Norfolk Virginia, you are able to sample some of the most authentic Italian food in the area. Myself and four other friends gathered for what would be a great night on the town as wall as a celebration for my best friends birthday. Upon arriving to Leone’s we stood waiting for a table, I would assume for about 30 mins being that one girl arrived sooner than the rest of us. When the others arrived we were notified that our table was ready, and were escorted to be seated. However the waitress who was responsible for escorting us failed to properly escort us to our seats. We walked around aimlessly wondering where she had gone, and who would be assisting us. We managed to signal another waiter who told us that a group of guys that had walk in ahead of us sat themselves at our table even though we had already waited to be served. *Disclaimer* why did these same guys have the nerve to say hey y’all when we walked up past their table as if we were with them, it seemed a bit odd that they were being a little too friendly. So in other words our table was purposely stolen. The waiters never asked the party to leave our original table, and we were sat elsewhere. Not only was our new table not set, it also wasn’t placed together to accommodate the amount of people in our party. Though the waiter attempted to ease the situation and apologized for another waitresses carelessness, our mood did return to a pleasant state again. I think we made the waiter a bit nervous to be honest so we didn’t give him too much of a hard time. Ultimately we placed our order, and I must say the food was very delicious. It is a bit pricey however luxury does cost. The Moscato was the sweetest that I’ve ever tasted, and the food was simply a taste of Italy itself. Though I must say the lobster was a lot tougher than I expected however still very delicious. The birthday girl also received a curtesy dessert for her special day. We sat and enjoyed thee rest of our night at this establishment with laughter and girl talk, and of course ended it with a mini photoshoot for the gram. Even though the night started off a bit rocky at first on a scale of 1-10 I give it a 7. I’m an advocate for great customer service and I feel that we should have been compensated or even approached by a manger to clear the situation. Our waiter was great however the original waitress that was responsible for seating us could use training. However on the bright side of this review if you are a lover of Italian food and are looking for a romantic, or even a really classy night out with your girls Leone’s is perfect for any occasion.

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