The Road To Discovering More of Yourself!

Sitting here I begin thinking about the things that have happened in my life and how I’ve worked to correct those wrongs that I found to have had a negative effect on who i am and where I’m headed. The road to discovering who we are never really ends does it? We either improve things that we assume needs improvement, or we eliminate those things that aren’t good for our personal growth. For example friends who have been in your life for many years eventually become faded into the background. I call this the changing of seasons in our life. Meaning there are different phases in life where things blossom into something beautiful and at the end of the season it becomes cold and dies off. Not all things in life are that way however friends, and the things you will and will not tolerate do. It’s as simple as this; sometimes it is necessary to make changes in your life to guarantee a brighter outcome for yourself. This may sound negative however it is the truth. Ive personally learned that the company you keep have some effect on who you are and what you do in life. I also believe those same people can bring negative energy that can ultimately suck you dry. The past few years I’ve discovered that placing yourself among successful people gives you successful results. It’s nothing like having a group of people in your circle that’s you are able to converse with and bounce ideas off of. It’s nothing like sharing the same determination with a group of people to motivate you to feel better, do better, and be better. It’s nothing like having a strong, educated set of girlfriends who are geared towards creating empire of strong women just like themselves. Sometimes you have to cut and paste certain parts of your life out in order to see positive results. I have 3 Very successful friends that I wouldn’t replace for anything, their all educated, goal oriented, and strive for the absolute best there is. 2018 has become the year of entrepreneurship, and brand building. Therefore positive vibes, positive people, and the will to put in work at all times is extremely important in getting to where you want to be. Until Next time my Beautiful Black Goddesses!!

One thought on “The Road To Discovering More of Yourself!

  1. Great reflection! Our lives are like the seasons. Overtime, understanding of a season’s purpose can bring rejuvenation, wisdom, strength, and peace.


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