Keep It On the Hush!

We all have had our share of relationships or may have been married. Sometimes getting others evolved in your love life can be damaging to both what you and your partner have going on. I’ve learned that not everything needs to be shared with friends or family. It’s in all honesty no one’s business if you want to get technical. However, there are times when venting to a friend or searching for that good friendly advice is needed, but here is how we go wrong when seeking advice from others.

1. Never Bash your man to other women, and or social media, this leaves room for other women to feel they have the perfect opportunity to swoop in for the win. It also allows other men to believe that things are rocky between you two which in turn puts that battery in their back to hop in your Dm’s. Again, what’s going on in your love life is nobody’s business but yours.

2. If you’re a married woman stop searching for advice from people who can barely keep a stable relationship themselves. I’m a strong believer in talking to those who have not only had years in the marital game but have stuck it out with a person consistently. They can offer you the most valuable advice regarding typical marital/relationship issues.

3. Not everyone is rooting for you to make it. We must be honest here some people are miserable, and they get a rise out of seeing someone else struggle in their relationship. Stop searching for validation about your relationship from others.

4. You are in control of how much of your personal relationship is leaked to the world. I personally can’t speak on this being that I have been with my husband for so many years, however I have friends who have practiced the method of keeping who they are dating a secret. This keeps people from wondering and asking questions they don’t need to know in the first place. Another thing is it keeps the “oh he’s a dog” or the “oh I use to talk to him” to a complete minimum. Women can be spiteful and will do anything to downplay what someone else has.

5. Lastly true friends are very supportive of you and your personal relationship with your significant other but keeping some of your personal business to yourself has never hurt. Everything doesn’t need to be shared especially when it comes to someone you can see yourself building a future with. Sharing some info is better than spilling all the tea on what’s going on with your relationship. So simply stop getting others involved.

Relationships aren’t easy it comes with a lot of work and dedication, so lets not make things difficult by bringing outsiders into something that both of you can mend on your own. That’s the point right? To simply communicate with one another, and coming up with a course of action for whatever goes on in your relationship. So lets do things a little different this year ladies. Until Next time my beautiful black goddesses!

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