I don’t know about you all but for some reason Black women have the hardest time supporting one another. We tend to only do things when it’s convenient for our own strides to success. We find things to say about another woman even when they are on their shhhh making a name for themselves. The underlying question is why are women like this? How hard is it to share with the world the strides your home girl is making to be successful? Why is it so hard to hit that like or share button when you see them attempting to build a brand for themselves. Is it because you are afraid she’s going to get ahead of you? or is it because you really don’t want to see her succeed? Whatever the reason is, we must realize we don’t advance in our own lives if we aren’t willing to support one another. I really hate this word that I’m about to use but hating won’t get you far. if we look out for that friend that is attempting to build a better her, then support that. I have this motto “if I got it you got it”. If we spend more time building one another up, we can in turn get to where we need to be and help someone else trying to reach their goals. The world needs more people willing to help the next and, in a society, where black women are still consistently undermined regardless of what level of success they have reached. Sticking together and giving props when its due should always be the move. Until Next time my beautiful black goddesses!

2 thoughts on “Support….

  1. It’s sad but true. You can have 100 likes and comments on a “ratchet” post but when you post something positive or about a business you get 1 or 2 likes.


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