You Can Have Both…


So, ladies how many of us struggle with balancing our relationships, and our will to be successful? I can say this is a serious issue in my household. Sometimes I find myself so consumed in trying to create better opportunities for myself that I fail to show my husband the proper attention that he requires. Though we all know that it’s very possible to have both things, a healthy relationship requires sacrifice and communication efforts. I know successful women who have basically placed having a relationship on the back burner simply because they have other obligations, such as school, work, or creating a brand for themselves. It’s not that they don’t want a relationship because many of them do, however finding that someone who is willing to ride is always the hard part. Another issue is that some men become a little intimidate by women who are doing the damn thing. The fact of the matter is having both is very possible but how do you balance it? I’ve dated my husband for 6 years before we got married, and we’ll be married for 3yrs in October equaling a whopping total of 9 years (long time, right?). Over this course of time my husband had to learn that I’m a horrible multitasker, not only that when my mind is set on something I tend to zone everything else out. We are now in the year of 2018 and now that graduation is vastly approaching for me I’ve become involved in different ventures basically to create a brand for myself. He knows that I have a high level of determination to do well and become successful at whatever I do as well as to create a better life for me and my family. He has sacrificed a great deal to see me advance as well. It takes a level of understanding between two people to be able to balance both success, and a relationship. I completely understand how difficult it can be hunni trust me, but it can be done. At the end of the day success is great however, the mission in life is to live happily. Happiness is the key to life! Until next time my Beautiful Black Goddesses.


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