So Where We Going Sis?


Everyone has the desire to travel and seeing what the world has to offer right? There are so many beautiful places in the world to see however where do we begin? As a mom my list of destinations are very limited lately, but this year is dedicated to exploring. I’ll be traveling abroad for the first time in August to one of my bucket list options which is Santorini Greece. I’m excited about it and look forward to creating memories. However aside from that there are a few places I have noted for future places to visit.
1. Tahiti
2. South Africa
3. Rome, Italy
4. Venice, Italy
5. Bali
I think the one thing that deters many of us from traveling is the fear of flying, and finances. However, I’m here to tell you flying is not that bad and traveling can be inexpensive if you carefully monitor prices. There are a few apps that I found very helpful to monitor flights, Hopper, Sky Scanner, and Google Flights. These apps are basically there to monitor the rising and falling of flight prices. They will also notify you when they believe you should purchase your ticket, or when to expect better prices. Other apps that I’ve heard great things about are Air bnb, and of course your normal hotel sites such as Expedia, and If you’re really on a budget there are also ways that you can reserve your room, so you don’t have to worry about the price fluctuations, you would just pay the day of your stay. Those however do come with stipulations such as being charged a certain amount if you fail to cancel by a certain date. There is so much to see out there in the world and doing so isn’t impossible. It’s time to start living ladies and getting these #blackgirltravel goals going. So, get it together and let’s create memories that will last forever. Until next time my beautiful black goddesses.

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